Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty?


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Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty?剧情内容介绍

《Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty?》在线观看和下载

Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty?剧情内容介绍

Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty?

Pete Doherty -- Artist or junkie? Tabloid fodder or serious songwriter? Libertine or Babyshambles? Filmmaker Roger Pomphrey captures an intimate portrait of this fascinating artist. Filmed during the Babyshambles sell-out tour of Britain in 2004 this special looks at the life of the 25-year-old London singer/songwriter who shot to fame as the front man of the Libertines and has...

发布于2005年。由Roger Pomphrey执导,并于2005-06-06(英国)公映的电影。


Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty?资源介绍




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  • 原来Pete还有这个记录片啊 post-libertines之后的皮 嘤(在油管看的 不知道是不是对着资源拍的 画面一直*来*去的

  • in some way, this is peter at his best(apart fro the young and innocent peter) with his shambolic charm. drug had made him slim but not slow he's self-consious about his appearance(tks to the super model gf) and babyshambles was in its most interesting form. alas,Alan wass is gon

  • 比起旁观者更喜欢这部,私人镜头很多且活泼,台上与kate moss激吻,台下Lisa Moorish和儿子看演出,甚至整个乐队一起捣**都录了进去,bonus送的FF/Albion的MV和采访,香烟镜头都被马赛克了……印象很深的是挚友讲到**前生龙活虎的胖子,独自弹唱的部分也特别煽情

  • 这就是他啊,头发乱糟糟眼神失焦的pete,舞台上亲吻kate的pete,弹吉他的带着诗这里也带了点愤怒的pete。poet和lunatic, "you're in ** veins, you ** "

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